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Singer and translator Ema Katrovas explores the realities of “independent” artmaking in the 21st century and interviews artists about their lives.

New blog posts and/or podcast episodes every month, videos occasionally.

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Artists on the Verge (podcast) – roughly half-hour interview-portraits of artists and also 5-10 minute “snippet” episodes related to themes of the interviews

Soprano on the Verge (blog) – personal blog posts
Artists on the Verge (YouTube Channel) – occasional videos and audio-only podcast episodes (some enhanced with visuals)

Latest Podcast Episodes and Blog Post:

January 13th: 2 Year Retrospective Livestream (also available in audio version with better audio wherever you get your podcasts)

December 12th: Snippet No. 4: Can contemporary art / theater / music still be original? | Artists on the Verge (podcast)

November 13th: Deyiş Görgülü (singer of Ottoman music, founder of Evden Musique) | Artists on the Verge (podcast)

October 13th: Helena Mamich (psychiatrist, singer) | Artists on the Verge (podcast)

September 13th: Felicita Brusoni (vocal experimenter) | Artists on the Verge (podcast)

August 13th: Three Questions I’m Asking About Theater, These Days | Soprano on the Verge (blog)

June 19th: The Purgatory of Pitching Projects | Soprano on the Verge (blog)