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💋 Blog 👁 YouTube👂🏼Podcast for and about independent artists

Singer and translator Ema Katrovas explores the politics of art, talks candidly about the challenges facing young artists, and interviews other artists about their lives.

New blog posts and podcast episodes every month, videos occasionally…

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Opera on the Verge (YouTube Channel) – in which I make occasional videos. I plan to make more “backstage” style video content in the future.
Soprano on the Verge (blog) – in which I publish a personal essay every month
Convo on the Verge (podcast) – in which I publish an interview-portrait of an artist every month


“’Was Ist Kunst?’: On Bureaucracy and a Work of Art I May Have Imagined” | Soprano on the Verge (blog)
Five Ways The Internet is Failing You As An Artist (article on Medium)
Improvisation? | Soprano on the Verge (blog)
Having Your Heart Broken By Your Own Voice – and Making a Film About It | Soprano on the Verge (blog)
“Opera’s Greatest Challenges” (ft. young cultural journalists at the Aix-en-Provence festival) | Opera on the Verge (video)
“Swan Song: On the Impossibility of Endings” | Soprano on the Verge (blog)
“Being There: Thinking About Slouching Towards Bethlehem at the Aix en Provence Festival” | Soprano on the Verge (blog)
Should Opera Be Kinder? (ft. Kindness & Dignity team of i:Opera) | Opera on the Verge (video)