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Ep. 1: Omar Shahryar (composer, facilitator, peace maker)

This is the first ever episode of the Artists on the Verge podcast!

Omar Shahryar calls himself a composer, facilitator and peace-maker. We talk about the meaning and importance of an education in the arts, letting go of the perfection and expectations drilled into academically-trained artists, re-thinking the idea of an audience and – don’t worry – we also talk about getting that all-important funding for indie projects. 


Omar’s website: http://omarshahryar.info/

Opera Schmopera’s website: http://www.operaschmopera.co.uk/

Channel 4 News report on the children’s opera Shoe Full of Stars: https://www.channel4.com/news/students-stage-opera-about-terrorism-threat

Music on this episode: 

NELV collective: “Trust the Person”: https://soundcloud.com/user-126957820/trust-the-person

Excerpts from the children’s opera A Shoe Full of Stars

(Words by Ed Harris

Music by Omar Shahryar and students from North Huddersfield Trust School

Ensemble: Dark Inventions

Conducted by Christopher Leedham 

Soprano: Lizzie Holmes

Baritone: Neil Balfour)

All 4 minutes of our improv are available to patrons of the On the Verge Series! You can sign up for a free trial here: https://steadyhq.com/en/opera-on-the-verge