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Ep. 12: Holiday Special: Mike Miller (organist, singer, pastor)

Mike Miller and I met on our first day of undergraduate music studies when we were both 18. Mike studied voice, as a countertenor, and, later, organ. When I found out, years after we both graduated, that he had become a protestant pastor in Texas, I was puzzled, at first – he was openly gay and I had heard him complain about his conservative relatives who used the Bible to condemn who he was. But then I realized – Mike had never condemned Christianity or God or religion as such – his complaints centered around how selectively people read the Bible. And, talking to him about his life as a pastor, I realized there are many parallels between what he does as a spiritual guide, and the function that artists might have as cultural guides.   

Mike and I talk about the unpredictable life of a pastor, mistranslations of the Bible, myths about Christmas,  and how creating things is one of the bests paths towards greater spirituality, among other things.    

Mike’s blog: https://gaybythegraceofgod.com/