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Ep. 5: Jason Cady (composer, librettist, co-founder of Experiments in Opera)

Jason Cady is a New-York-based composer, librettist, pedal steel guitar and modular synthesizer player, and co-founder and co-artistic director of Experiments in Opera. We talk about following one’s musical curiosity, the definition of opera, music and storytelling, leaving the 20th century avant-garde behind, and how when “everything goes” in art, we might as well make it fun.   

Jason’s website: jasoncadymusic.com 

???? Music:  

Herbie Hancock, “Rockit” 

Jason Cady, The Sounds of San Donato: Radio Symphony Orchestra

Jason Cady, Three Quintets 

Generation X, “Your Generation” 

Gene Krupa, compilation 

Ornette Coleman, Free Jazz 

Arnold Schönberg, “Ode to Napoleon Bonaparte”

Richard Lerman, Concert Version 

Harold Budd, “The Real Dream of Sails” 

Anthony Braxton, Trillium (opera) 

Glenn Branca, Symphony 13 (Hallucination City) 

Jason Cady, I Screwed Up the Future (opera) 

Jason Cady, Buick City 1 a.m (trailer + song “The Same Answer for Every Question”) 

Jason Cady, Nostalgia Kills You (opera) 

Jason Cady, Happiness is the Problem

Jason Cady, “I Could Not Allow That To Stand” 

Jason Cady, Candy Corn (opera) 

Monteverdi, Ritorno di Ulisse in Patria (opera) 

Jason Cady, Another One Bites (podcast opera, part of Aqua Net & Funyuns)