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Ep. 6: Reginald Edmund (playwright, founder of Black Lives Black Words)

Reginald Edmund is a Chicago-based playwright and founder and managing curating producer of Black Lives Black Words, an activist theater organisation which “commissions, develops and produces bold and unapologetic artistic responses to current social and political issues.” Since its inception in 2015, Black Lives Black words has served two continents, three countries, nine cities and counting. Reggie and I talk, among other things, about the artist as griot, the changing nature of the idea of “community” in a globalized world, the importance of live performance, and what it means for an artist to be, in Nina Simone’s words, “with the times.”   

Website of Black Lives, Black Words: www.blacklivesblackwords.org


Nina Simone, “Good Bait” 

Nina Simone, “You’ll Never Walk Alone

Nina Simone, “I’ve got life”