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Ep. 7: Cassandra Kaczor (millennial musician)

Cassandra Kaczor is a classically trained pianist and composer whose dream was to make a living performing pop music. She’s also the first composer whose work I premiered back when we were both in undergrad.   We talk about millennial angst, our fraught experiences with music education, the greed of American colleges, standing up for yourself as a freelance musician, and the coolness of nuns, among other things.   

Cassandra’s website: http://www.cassandrakaczormusic.com/ 


“Rigid, Fluid” by Cassandra Kaczor

“Animal” by Cassandra Kaczor

Excerpt of Cassandra’s high school musical, Deadlines 

Jennifer Higdon, “Zaka” 

“Sam’s Song No. 1: Hi” by Cassandra Kaczor 

“The Goldfish Forgets” by Cassandra Kaczor