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Snippet No. 5: Experimentation vs. Communication (ft. Theorema Review)

This is my reading an article I wrote for a newly-launched publication called Theorema Review (https://theorem-a.org/). I’m mainly reading it to draw attention to the idea behind the publication, launched a couple months ago by a friend, that of artists reviewing other artists (though I also used my review as an excuse to ponder experimental vocal music history and experimentation vs. communication in art.) Lots of John Cage and Cathy Berberian in the this one! 

Link to the article (including footnotes and sources): https://theorem-a.org/2022/12/08/anaphora-by-michael-edward-edgerton/

During my reading I play Felicita Brusoni’s rendition of Michael Edward Edgerton’s Anaphora available in full here: https://youtu.be/dgkiWUgNEdA