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Snippet No. 9: Reacting to “Another Art World” by Nika Dubrovsky and David Graeber (Pt. 3)

We’re finally here – at the third installment of reading “Another Art World” by Nika Dubrovsky and David Graeber. Even if you’re a new listener, you can start here because in the last segment, the author’s promised to finally get to the heart of the matter: What might “another art world” look like?

But – something happened between the last instalment of the essay, published in November 2019, and this installment from November 2020: the pandemic and the anti policing protests of the summer of 2020. Understandably, the authors felt they had to switch gears – so this installment of the essay spends quite some time drawing a parallel between the police state and the art world.

Link to the third installment of “Another Art World” in eFlux magazine: https://www.e-flux.com/journal/113/360192/another-art-world-part-3-policing-and-symbolic-order/

Music: Dieter van der Westen: The Balkan Night Train