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Snippet No. 4: Can contemporary art / theater / music still be original?

This is a Snippet in which I ask myself why it seems so hard to be original in the field of contemporary art/theater/music and possibly introduce you to the term “flameout,” coined by anthropologist David Graeber. Link to David Graeber’s lecture (very recommended): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCF-8OQj0RE David Graeber’s website: https://davidgraeber.org/ The Institute for Experimental Art (co-founded by Graeber): […]

An Opera Singer and a Comedian Walk Into a Bar Ep 1: High/Low Arts Education

An Opera Singer and a Comedian Walk Into a Bar is a new segment of the Artists ont he Verge podcast. It features your host, opera-singer-turned-experimental-performer Ema Katrovas, talking to comedian-and-TV-writer turned-novelist Nicholas Anthony. We’ll be having conversations from across the high/low art divide with the goal of being honest about what a life centring […]

Snippet No. 11: Summary of “Another Artworld” by Nika Dubrovsky & David Graeber + My Reaction

This is an under-3-minute summary of the three-part essay “Another Artworld” by Nika Dubrovsky and David Graeber, which examines the fraught legacy of “high” art. I start with a summary of “Another Art World” – in less than 3 minutes. Then I give my overall reaction – I ask how one would fund this, think […]

Snippet No. 10: Streaming is the Message/Opera Americana (ft. Theorema Review & Experiments in Opera)

This is my honest review of the colossal undertaking that was the TV opera Everything for Dawn by Experiments in Opera. The review was “commissioned by” Theorema Review, a recently-started multi-lingual journal in which artists review other artist. Link to my review in Theorema Review: https://theorem-a.org/2023/06/21/everything-for-dawn-by-experiments-in-opera/ Link to Experiments in Opera’s Everything for Dawn: https://experimentsinopera.com/portfolio-item/everythingfordawn/ Live […]

Snippet No. 9: Reacting to “Another Art World” by Nika Dubrovsky and David Graeber (Pt. 3)

We’re finally here – at the third installment of reading “Another Art World” by Nika Dubrovsky and David Graeber. Even if you’re a new listener, you can start here because in the last segment, the author’s promised to finally get to the heart of the matter: What might “another art world” look like? But – […]